My Experience Life Magazine give-away

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Or a free magazine subscription? 

I’m a very proud Experience Life Magazine ambassador. When I found out about this opportunity, I felt like Horshack in Welcome Back Kotter. (I’m dating myself here.) (And you can just watch the first 7 seconds of this video to get my drift.)

Experience Life doesn’t pay me to give my clients issues of the magazine before they’re mailed to subscribers, or to distribute their awesome Revolutionary Act (Experience Life’s sister site) 101 Revolutionary Ways to be Healthy posters like candy, or to fiendishly attach links to their articles in my emails to clients, friends, and family.

I say, forget all those other weird “health” publications that make you feel badly about yourself. (And don’t most of these magazines still promote lowfat foods? How 1998. Get informed, people. Really.)

So…wanna win a 1-year subscription to the one and only Experience Life Magazine? Here’s how...

Post on my Facebook page the single best piece of dietary advice you ever received and how it made a significant, positive impact in your life. Simple, right?

I’m not here to judge your food choices, okay? This is about the impact. For example, I'm not a vegetarian, but going vegetarian may have had lead to huge and positive change for you. So I'll be determining the winner based less on the "thing" and more on its positive effects and how that's conveyed. As my fellow Experience Life ambassador, Michael Mantell said, “Be brief and make it powerful.” Word.

Can I fill you in you some other great events that I will be announcing, like, soon? If any of this interests you, please sign up for my newsletter, and you’ll be the first to know as details get rolled out.

I’m very pleased to be hosting my very first Empowerment Series (aka a telesummit). It’s called Purposeful Intention 2012 and it’s a FREE event that you won’t want to miss. In a series of weekly interviews, I will be speaking with wellness, spirituality, and intentional living experts about their views on about health, purposefulness, and living with intention.

It’s going to be nothing short of amazing and I can’t wait to announce the experts I’ll be interviewing. There will be nine interviewees, one being myself. I’m keeping this event relatively small – a “boutique telesummit,” if you will.

One of the presenters is the wise and wonderful Cat Thompson of Emotional Technologies. She is helping me pull this event together and she is also an Experience Life contributing writer. You can read her words of wisdom here, here, here, here, here, and here.

The goal of this series is to help you move through this rest of this year with grace and ease. After all, the economy is still wobbly and the election craziness can add a new level of anxiety on top of our already-busy lives. Let us help you leverage the knowledge you already have to move through the rest of 2012 (and beyond) with a renewed sense of purpose and intention.

The expert interviews will be held via a telephone conference line, so you can participate from the comfort of your home or office. The calls will be recorded, and I will be posting them to a unique page on my website for participants who cannot be on the calls live and who want to listen at their convenience. And most of the interviewees will be offering a free gift of some kind – an audio file, short ebook, or other how-to guide. How sweet is that?

It all starts on April 11, going through June 13. (That’s actually 10 weeks, as I will be out of town one of those Wednesdays.)

Lastly, after a very successful Fire Your Thyroid teleseminar series last summer (and a subsequent eBook and homestudy course), I’m gearing up to present two more teleseminar series in 2012. Okay, actually three, because I will be doing a 2nd version of the Fire Your Thyroid class series.

My new topics? Restore Your Adrenals and Ease Into Menopause. I’m culling the best of the best information to create more info-packed and powerful classes. With teleseminars, you participate via phone. So no matter where you live, you can take part in these classes. I promise they’ll be rock solid and life-changing. No fluff here.

Thanks for reading. Again, sign up for my newsletter to stay abreast of all these goings-on (including a possible teleclass this spring on identifying foods sensitivities). Now get going on that contest thing. Like Lotto says, you can’t win if you don’t play!


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